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How To Make Acorn Jewels This Fall

Super Easy and Inexpensive Project

How To Make Acorn Jewels

A few years ago my girls and I discovered the beauty of creating our own
acorn jewels. It is a super easy project, super cheap and makes a unique addition to our fall décor. So this year I am updating our look by adding some bling.

We have a gorgeous old oak tree in our back yard that delivers us a bounty of beautiful acorns every season. We also have plenty of squirrels to help us collect, but my kids insist on filling buckets and buckets with these warmly colored gems. Then they look forward to making these jewels.

I am not sure what happens to the acorn tops year to year. I always pack away a much smaller amount than we make. I think they migrate along with my kids’ imaginations to other areas of the house. We love to pile them in a glass vase as a centerpiece, or on a small leaf shaped plate for display. It’s fun finding new ways to decorate with them each year.


Acorn tops (as many as you’d like)

Markers (any kind)

Glitter glue (we used Elmer’s because the glitter is bigger and it dries clear)


Step 1: Gather up as many acorns as you’d like, be sure they still have the tops.

Step 2: Remove tops from acorns and color the inside of the tops with a marker.

Step 3: Line a tray, or other flat surface with your colored acorn tops. If you have some wobbly tops you can use things like glass gems, or small rocks to stabilize the tops. You don’t want them to move when you fill them up with the glitter glue.

Step 4: Leave to dry overnight to be sure the glue is completely set. It is really fun to check in on the progress and watch the “jewels” form.


That’s it! How incredibly easy, right? Do you think you’ll make these with your kiddos?

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