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How to help your tweens and teens care for their skin

Tips from an esthetician

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I had the worst skin as a teen. I remember being so embarrassed. The other day, I visited Savor Beauty Spa in Saugerties and asked their esthetician Kristin if she had any tips and tricks for teen/tween skincare. She had plenty of great advice to share with parents!

How can parents help their tweens/teens learn good skin care?

Parents can show them the ropes! Take a few mins with your child and show him/her how to wash one’s face properly (in small circles to get any debris from the pores).

My daughter is 11 now and we spend 5 mins at night doing our "ME" time rituals. We start by washing our face, then we use a spray toner to help reset our pH levels. We also take a deep breath to inhale the aromas and help de-stress from the day. Next, we apply our serum and moisturizer to keep our skin soft and clean. We’re spending quality time together and making life long rituals to better both our skin and our entire beings. 

What are the most important things tweens/teens should be doing to care for their skin?

Make sure it's clean! Between school, sports, makeup, etc, your skin has to deal with a lot during the day. Before bed make sure to wash your face with a good cleanser to remove debris. Our skin naturally repairs itself as we sleep, therefore it's important to go to bed with clean skin so it can heal properly. 

Any tips for kids that are starting to deal with acne?

A lot of acne products on the market use alcohols or witch hazel to dry out the breakouts. When you dry out your skin, it will start to overproduce oils which can lead to more breakouts. Instead, apply a few drops of lavender essential oil to a cotton pad and apply directly to the breakout for a few seconds as a spot treatment. You can do this both morning and at night. Lavender has antibacterial properties that will heal the breakout, and is also calming for the skin so it will reduce any redness and get rid of acne naturally. 

Secondly, if your skin is oily, use an oil or serum to help with oil production. It may sound crazy, but if you put oil onto the skin, it will help regulate the skin’s natural oil production. My daughter uses the Savor Beauty Carrot Rose serum for her breakouts. It has Vitamin A to help keep acne away and rose-hip oil to keep the skin hydrated. 

How important is it for tweens/teens (and ALL of us!) to pay attention to the ingredients in our skin care products?

It is extremely important! Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs what we put on it. Check out this list of 10 toxic ingredients to avoid. These substances can disrupt hormones, cause tumors, and are known skin irritants. Some are even used to make motor oil! 


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