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Don't Neglect This Muscle

Do this stretch morning and night for back health.

low lunge twist
If your lower back aches, the hip flexor muscles may well be the reason. These thick, strong muscles at the front of the hip attach to the lower vertebrae of your spine. When over-strengthened with repetitive walking, running and kicking and over-tightened with long periods of sitting, these muscles pull strongly on those vertebrae causing the back to develop an arch known as lordosis. This curved spinal formation is very common among dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders. The back gets pulled out of alignment causing pain and discomfort.

To avoid this condition, stretch the hip flexors at least once a day. This low-lunge twist lengthens the front of the hip and front of the body. It feels great and helps draw out the muscles into normal length. Breathe naturally and hold as long as is comfortable.

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