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Help your kids get creative

Common household odds and ends will suffice


Kids have the imagination. You have the supplies! Let the kids loose with odds and ends that you just don’t have use for, and see what they come up with. The key is to let them take the lead.


  • Provide unusual painting utensils. Try sponges, feathers or other items that create different brush strokes.
  • Gather used household items that would otherwise be destined for the recycle bin. Give them new life through your child’s imagination. Challenge your child to come up with some creative ways to make a necklace from broken buttons, pictures from foam “peanuts”, or even decorate a dollhouse from old cardboard boxes.
  • Make up lyrics to some favorite songs. Kids will love to throw together some nonsensical words to tunes they know by heart.
  • Make a cool collage. Older kids love flipping through magazines. Allow them to cut out pictures and words to create their own personal message. Glue these cut-outs onto a sheet of paper. Or paste them to a calendar for a year-round project.
  • Have the kids work together to write and perform a play or puppet show. They can create puppets from felt, socks or other fabrics, or simply rummage through their (and your) closets for appropriate costumes. Make opening night a big deal!