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Help Feed the Honey Bees for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with this simple craft idea!

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In the mood for Spring? I know my poor garden is. I look out at the tiny little tulips popping through the snow and I think any day now the snow is going to be done!" To keep us moving in the direction of Spring we are making seed bombs again this year. It's super easy and great for any age. It requires recycling paper so it's kind of crafty and perfect for Earth Day. 

My kids and I started making seed bombs a few years ago as a way of celebrating Spring and giving back to the ecosystem since the wildflowers we chose help feed the local honey bees. Bee populations are declining and that means not only will there be a honey shortage, but many species of plants, fruits and veggies could slowly decline as well. Bees do the heavy work of pollinating millions of plants so that we don't have to. There's a reason they are called, "busy bees!"

We like to toss these little nature bombs out into empty spaces on our hikes, or in our back yard. Once the seeds take root and begin to grow, the flowers they produce will attract bees. Pollen contains all the nutrition a bee needs to continue their busy work of pollinating the plants that will become our food. 

Ready to get started? Here's what you'll need:

Colorful construction paper (you can recycle any non-glossy paper)
Local wild flower seeds 

Start by cutting or tearing your construction paper into small pieces and placing in a bowl. You can select as many colors of paper as you'd like and separate the colors into individual bowls. 

Next cover your paper with water and allow to soak for ten to fifteen minutes.

Once your paper is mushy squeeze out the excess water. You can even press it through a wire mesh strainer or sieve to drain a bit more. (If your paper is too wet it could force the seeds to germinate and begin to grow before you've planted them). 

Last, place the pulp into a dry bowl and sprinkle with seeds. Mix the seeds into the paper pulp. Pull off small pieces and round them into a ball shape. 

Allow your seed balls to dry over night. Pack them up first thing in the morning and take a quick hike before breakfast. Say thank you to your local bees as you toss a wild flower bomb into an open area that could use a little natural love. 

You don't have to limit yourself to wildflowers only. You can use seeds for herbs too. Be sure to select varieties that are meant for your growing region. 

If you want to get a little fancier you can fill ice cube trays, or pretty silicone molds for different shapes. These are great to use for yourself, or as a favor to a special party. 

What do you think? Super easy right? 

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