Schedule health and happiness into your hectic routines

Stay on top of things with these health and organization tips

Daily routines for many families are filled with commitments that lead to chaotic schedules. Calendars are jam-packed with carpools, sports practice and other activities, so keeping the family happy and healthy with balanced meals and fitness can become a challenging priority. It is not impossible, though! With some planning you can stay on stay on top of everyone's schedules (and still manage to squeeze some fun in.)


Organization and meal planning is key, says Kathy Kaehler, Snapware® brand partner and creator of the Sunday Set-Up™ Club.  “As a mom, nothing feels better than being organized; it makes my day manageable.” Kaehler recommends the following tips to help keep family health and happiness top-of-mind while minimizing the daily chaos of being over-scheduled.


Get a Jump Start on Tomorrow. Pack school bags, including nutritious lunches the night before. With the help of leak-proof containers like Snapware® Airtight Containers, sending kids’ favorite sandwiches, fruits and vegetables is easy and you can rest assured that they’ll make it to the lunch table intact and as tasty as if they’d just come out of the fridge.

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Set Up a Snack Station.
Stay ahead of the bell by setting out containers of after-school snacks on the kitchen counter, so that kids have easy access to healthy snacks as soon as they arrive home. Kaehler recommends filling these containers with nutritious snack combinations like carrot sticks with hummus, celery sticks with peanut butter, frozen grapes or frozen banana chips dipped in dark chocolate.

Stay Active.
Schedule a family bike ride, walk, or a soccer game on the lawn. It’s important to set an example for your kids when it comes to exercise, and having these activities as part of their daily schedule allows exercise to be a part of their weekly routine.

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Prepare Healthy Dinner Options. Make sure kids get the very best nutrition from family dinners by preparing lean meat meals with lots of fruits and vegetables. To save time and reduce cost, cook once but eat twice by preparing double the portions needed for dinner and refrigerating the leftovers in leak-proof storage containers. A balanced portion of leftovers can then be served on a subsequent day. 


A little organization can go a long way toward making afternoons and evenings less chaotic and more enjoyable for the whole family. For more information on where to find affordable, BPA-free storage solutions visit