Health benefits of "mommy time"

Taking a daily breather provides positive benefits for women

The health benefits of Me Time

For busy women, finding a stretch of time to unwind might seem impossible, but no matter how busy life gets, taking a moment for oneself has crucial benefits, suggests a new study.

According to one report, nine out of 10 women agree no matter how stressful their day, taking a moment to relax and recharge makes everything better. Most women say they have more demands on their schedules today than women did a generation ago. Yet, many women say they have just 5 minutes per day or less to relax and recharge.

While a lengthy shopping excursion or a relaxing yoga class isn't possible right now, it only takes a moment to get the benefits of a daily pause.  

For women juggling life’s demands, here are some great ways to pause for a moment of “me” time:

Take a Deep Breath
A few minutes of daily meditation is good for the body, mind and soul. Whether it’s while walking the dog or commuting to work, spend a few minutes setting aside your anxieties. Clear your mind and focus on the present, not on what needs to get done.

Break for Lunch
For many women, a daily recharge makes them more productive at work. Even when deadlines are piling up, don't forget to take a break in the middle of the work day. Leave your desk or workstation for fresh air or a virtual visit with coworkers. An indulgence, such as a quick walk around the block can improve your focus for the final home stretch.

Unwind Before Bed
After the kids have gone to bed, carve out a peaceful routine before turning in for the night. Whether it’s reading in bed or curling up and watching your favorite TV show, designating a few minutes each night to unwind will help you sleep better.

When you need to take some time for yourself at any point during the day, why not enjoy it with a tasty treat? Small indulgences can have a big impact, so go for it...a piece of chocolate, cookie or even a cup of tea can go a long way in bringing on calmness. 

Article provided by State Point