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Grow as a family. Eat what you sow

Vegetable guarantees great eating and it can be easy to plant

Vegetable guarantees great eating

Few things are as satisfying as planting a vegetable garden, especially when it’s a family effort. What better way to get closer – to nature and each other – than to grow things together? And when you can eat the fruits of your labor, so much the better!

Fresher better tasting veggies easy to grow

It’s true that vegetables you grow yourself taste better; they’re at their freshest, tastiest and most nutritious when you eat them just-picked, and because you control how they’re grown, you can limit what they come into contact with and even do so organically. It’s easier than you think to grow vegetables without chemicals by using natural controls such as insecticidal soaps, pyrethrums, barriers, floating row covers, pest traps and natural repellants. Today there are more options out there than ever before.

Planning and timing is important when planting your garden. The first and most important part of your plan is to be realistic. If you start mapping out a large garden, no matter how eager you are, how many hands are helping or how good your intentions, you may find out too late that it’s too big to care for or will demand more time than you have.

A garden doesn’t have to take up acres or even yards. You can plant in containers, raised beds or have a small, in-ground garden patch. It might be better to start out small and see what grows best. You might be surprised, for example, just how many zucchini you get from just one plant! You can always expand your garden plot next year when you have more experience.

Let the kids start their own garden

When planning, get the kids involved! You’ll be teaching them about nature, patience, where food comes from and the benefits of hard – but fun – work. You might even get them to eat their vegetables, especially if you let them choose what to plant.

You can set aside a container, bed or spot for each child to plant and care for. Large seeds, such as peas and beans, are easy for small hands to plant, and leaf lettuce and radishes grow fast and are quick to show results. Kids will also enjoy growing sunflowers, which are not only tall and colorful but will also feed the birds when the seeds mature! Kids of all ages like to grow pumpkins and corn. They aren’t difficult to grow but require a large space. Corn has to be grown as a “block” of multiple rows; corn plants are wind-pollinated so a single row will not produce well, and pumpkin plant vines will spread along the ground.

It’s not too late to plant now!

Some vegetables, like cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, are cold-tolerant and can be planted early in the spring. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are best planted after danger of frost has passed in mid-May. You may need to do some homework to learn how and when to plant your vegetables and whether they should be planted as transplants or from seed. All vegetables require at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight and you’ll need to make sure you have a source of water nearby.

Whatever your experience level or the size of your yard, a vegetable garden is a great and worthwhile outdoor family activity and an excellent learning experience for young and old. From planning to harvest it’s as rewarding as it gets, so give it a try and savor the results!

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