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Great Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read

Tips to foster a love of reading

Tips to foster a love of reading

One of the best ways for parents to foster a love of reading in all children is by reading stories aloud. Even after children have learned to read they still enjoy having a story read to them. This should always be a fun activity - such as at bedtime - for both parent and child. Even in the daytime, a reading period should be limited to no more than 30 minutes at a time. As soon as the child shows signs of restlessness, it is best to stop and resume the reading at a later time.

Here are some suggestions that will help to make reading to your child at home more beneficial and enjoyable:

• Let your child have input - such as a particular interest or favorite author - in choosing the books to be read.

• Look over the material beforehand before reading it to your child.

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• Choose a comfortable and relaxed setting.

• Let your child know the importance of this reading time together by eliminating distractions or interruptions, such as telephone, radio, or television.

• Read the book in a lively and animated manner, using a different tone of voice for the different characters in the story.

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• Look frequently into your child's eyes to maintain active interaction.

• Pause periodically to discuss what is happening in the story or to raise some questions. ("Is the little dog afraid? What do you think the girl should do next?")

• Discontinue reading - until some later time - if your child appears bored or restless.

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