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Child Behavior: What makes a "great kid"? Part Nine

Logical Thinking - the ability to make sense of the world

In Dr. Schwartz’s April column, he discusses the 10 qualities of “great kids.” Here’s one quality that kids need to develop in order to lead a happy, healthy life while being able to face the challenges of the 21st century. Come back tomorrow for another “great kid” quality!


Logical Thinking (the ability to make sense of the world): Effective reality-based thinking, thinking logically about the world and people help children evaluate their thoughts and their application to effective problem solving. Being a clear headed person who can use objectives facts to solve problems and interact effectively is fostered by giving your child continuous practice in self evaluation. Being a sensible logical thinking person begins in childhood.


Paul Schwartz, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology and Education at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh. He is available for group speaking engagements. He can be reached at