Got Books?

At The Children’s Medical Group, we think it is too early to give up on the joys of reading. A few years ago we realized that every time we would stock our waiting rooms with children’s books, they would vanish. The suggestion was made that we install televisions instead of stocking books. That is when the epiphany struck!  Instead of saying that the books were stolen, we decided to say they were borrowed.  And thus, the “CMG Book Exchange” was born.

When children find a book that they like in our office, we encourage them to take it home and enjoy it. It is much healthier than a lollipop! What we ask in return is that when children have outgrown some of their books, they bring them in and let us put them in the waiting room for another child to enjoy.  What better way to teach about sharing – and recycling? 

We will soon be participating in “Reach Out And Read” (ROAR!), which is a nationwide program to increase childhood literacy and school readiness.  


Why not share them through our book exchange? And, as for “going the way of the dinosaurs,” we think you can probably find a book about that in our waiting room.