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Good Gut Bugs: An Endangered Species

One key aspect of maintaining good health is to nurture our gut bugs

Dr Padma Garvey

Our good gut bugs are on the verge of extinction.  Decades of antibiotics, pesticides, overly processed food, and a low-fiber, high-sugar, high-fat diet have wiped out our good gut bugs.  This has caused many of us to have a sick immune system.  Of course, pharmaceutical companies are developing all sorts of new and expensive drugs to boost our immune systems, but there is no better way to treat sick immune systems than with the right kind of food.  Healthy food is not pushed because there is simply no money to be made in getting people to eat right.  

We need to pick up these good gut bugs early in life……starting at the moment of birth.  We need to continually nurture them in order to enjoy a healthy life.  Understanding how to eat to maintain good gut health is not hard.  These good gut bugs are mostly vegans.  You have to eat the foods they like otherwise you will suffer long-term problems like type 1 diabetes, debilitating food allergies, autoimmune problems, severe constipation, and obesity to name a few. 

Eating for good gut health involves two simple rules. The first rule is to eat a whole grain, low- oil, no- added sugar, plant-based diet.  The second rule is to consume some fermented foods on a regular basis.  Foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, tempeh, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, or a plant-based yogurt are a few examples.  

 I recommend reading the book, The Good Gut by Sonnenburg.  It is easy to read and has tons of practical information and recipes.  Another great book to read if you want to understand more about our relationship with bugs is Missing Microbes by Dr. Blaser.  Dr. Blaser is an infectious disease doctor and the Chairman of Medicine at NYU.

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