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5 Reasons to Go Solo to The Art Gallery

Moms Can Take in Art Without the Kids

I often share with you some really fun ways to take in art as a family. I’ve shared artsy vacations and daytrips, family fun programs at SUNY New Paltz and plenty of fun artsy things todo at home. But last week I realized I don’t often share fun ways to experience art on our own.

Last week I had a really fun experience attending a Ladies Night Out event in the Village of Saugerties. It was a unique way to see some new local shops and visit some new art galleries.  It was a rare chance to enjoy art all by myself without the kids. And I got to walk through some pretty amazing shops filled with pretty (breakable) things.

The experience:

At the beginning of the event I checked in and was handed a list of selfie tasks for a selfie scavenger hunt. The mission was to take a selfie at each location according to specific directions at each stop. For example, take a selfie tasting a new flavor of ice cream, or take a selfie with a mannequin. It was silly and adventurous. But the coolest for me was stopping into the art galleries to look around. Our task was to take a selfie with a favorite piece of art. Since we were so pressed for time to get all of our tasks complete before the start of the DJ dance party, we had to make some snap decisions. I usually like to take my time with art and understand the materials used and find a connection to the theme, or title. Since we did not have that kind of time we had to go completely on instinct or gut reaction to a painting or sculpture. The first gallery was easy as I saw something right away that I loved. I snapped my shot and snagged my free champagne and edibles before dashing off for our next assignment.

The take away:

This kid free experience got me thinking. Why do I only limit my art intake to when I am with my kids? Why have I never planned a visit to an art gallery alone before? First of all, I forgot about the amount of champagne and yum-yums available during special events. Second, as a mom I am so programmed to seek out kid friendly experiences. I forgot too that I can enjoy taking in art just for my own benefit. So here are my thoughts on why moms should go without kids to an art gallery.

Reasons to go solo at the art gallery:

1.       There is champagne there. No really, if you watch galleries for new installations, or special events they often celebrate with wine and cheese, or champagne. This is a definite perk for moms who typically finish off kid left overs and swig apple juice from the bottom of their kid’s juice boxes.

2.       It’s quiet. Most people aren’t bringing tots to a gallery filled with expensive things. You can enjoy a thoughtful space void of shrill squealing and the pitter patter of running feet. For the record I love kids and they make joyful sounds, but sometimes as a mom I crave moments of quiet stillness. Not having to follow a crashing sound in a panic to find my kid just feels way more relaxing. 

3.       It connects us to something beautiful. Motherhood has its own kind of beauty, but viewing a canvas deliberately splattered with paint that you don’t have to clean up can feel like a beautiful thing.

4.       Gets us outside of or our stale routines. I don’t know about you but every day with kids is planned out. I have to plan around my kids lunch time and chores and coordinate activities. Every day can start to feel the same and even mundane. Spending time solo at the gallery can help me forget about all of that, even for just a little bit.

5.       Sometimes they have wine and cheese. I think that’s worth mentioning again.

If you are looking for local galleries, but don’t know where to find one search your county’s Chamber of Commerce page, or local Arts Council for a list. Then find each gallery on Facebook to stay in touch with their special events. You can find out info about what kind of art is on display before planning your visit, and most importantly when they’ll be serving champagne. You deserve a few hours alone surrounded by breath-taking creativity.

Do you every go solo to an art gallery?

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