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Join the Goat Games 2021

Farmed Animal Sanctuaries Across the Nation Unite to Raise Funds and Awareness

Join the Goat Games 2021

The Goat Games have started!

The goat team champions, like Chester, the Castskill Animal Sanctuary's mascot, have personal stories of being rescued oftentimes from cruelty and neglect. Straight back from the Tokyo Olympics, American Volleyball player Dustin Watten and Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch rally support for The Goat Games and want to raise awareness in the process of how a Vegan diet not only improves athletic performance, but is compassionate too.  

Meet these adorable little goats here.

Check out the participating sanctuaries and see an interview with Dotsie Bausch here.

Enjoy some pics from opening day

This cutie pie is striking a pose for the camera

Just having a little snack to keep up the energy

Say "cheese" please

Goat Games meet and greet. Just saying "Hi!"

This little cutie pie is enjoying a treat

Farmed Animal Sanctuaries Across the U.S. Unite in The Goat Games 2021 with the Support of Olympic Medalist and 7-Time US Champion Dotsie Bausch

Co-hosted by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, The Goat Games will rally the support of animal welfare champions across the U.S.

For parents looking for some family friendly competition, there’s The 2021 Goat Games – a nationwide virtual event (August 14 – 21) that raises critical awareness and funds for farmed animals across the U.S. Not only does this event inspire physical activity, but it also helps parents teach their children about giving back and making a difference. 

Participants can run, walk, bike, hike, or create an activity of their choosing to raise funds for ten farmed animal sanctuaries across the U.S. A goat champion has been designated for each of the ten sanctuaries, and “athletes” will rally behind the goat representing the sanctuary they want to support. These sanctuaries provide a haven for animals who’ve been abused, abandoned, or worse.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit, 155-acre refuge in New York's Hudson Valley, is co-hosting the Goat Games with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), the certifying body for sanctuaries. Catskill Animal Sanctuary is represented by Chester, an energetic adolescent rescued from a local “humane” farm that was forced to close its doors.  

Ready. Set. Goat! Catskill Animal Sanctuary is hosting the second annual Goat Games from August 14 through August 21, 2021. The Goat Games, which will rally the support of farmed animal sanctuaries across the U.S., are co-hosted with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), the certifying body for sanctuaries. Each participating sanctuary is GFAS Certified.

The Goat Games is a virtual event that challenges human participants to run, walk, bike, hike, or create an activity of their choosing–even binge-watching is a win–to raise funds for a participating sanctuary. A goat champion has been designated for each of the ten sanctuaries, and “athletes” will rally behind the goat representing the sanctuary they want to support. Catskill Animal Sanctuary is represented by Chester, an energetic adolescent rescued from a local “humane” farm that was forced to close its doors.

“We came up with the idea of The Goat Games in 2020 as a way to inspire friendly competition, raise critical funds and instill hope in people who support our urgent work,” said Kathy Stevens, founder and executive director of Catskill Animal Sanctuary. “The Games are a fun, interactive experience for people of any age and ability located anywhere in the world, and the collective voice of ten sanctuaries will speak loudly for farmed animals everywhere. Funds raised through donations and sponsorships will support the life-saving mission of each participating sanctuary.”

When the 2020 Tokyo games were canceled, Catskill Animal Sanctuary set out to create a friendly virtual competition people could get excited about in the midst of a global pandemic and one that also supported an important cause – The Goat Games 2020. Last year, Catskill Animal Sanctuary raised $42,601 through the support of 73 athletes and 532 donors. This year, The Goat Games 2021 present an incredible opportunity to support sanctuaries all across the U.S. that provide a safe haven for farmed animals who’ve been abused, abandoned, or worse.

"GFAS is thrilled to co-present Goat Games 2021 - a first-of-its-kind event benefitting an alliance of certified farmed animal sanctuaries,” said Jessica Harris, farmed animals program director. “We are dedicated to supporting our members, building collaboration and promoting the sanctuary movement on a global level. This inaugural event showcases the leadership and excellence our members are known for and is just one more way we can help sanctuaries help animals." 

One of the most ardent supporters of the Goat Games is Dotsie Bausch, 7-time US National Champion, Olympic silver medalist in track cycling, and founder of Switch4Good, an organization that challenges the promotion of milk as a “health food” and encourages athletes and others to go dairy-free. 

"I am delighted to support The Goat Games 2021 because I know firsthand that it’s possible to thrive on a plant-based diet,” said Bausch. “But plant-based living is also kinder to our planet, and reduces the suffering of farmed animals exploited by our food system. These extraordinary sanctuaries are saving countless lives and need our support!" Bausch hopes that animal lovers from around the country will join her effort to raise lifesaving funds.

Goat Games Co-Host Team Catskill Animal Sanctuary is joined by:
  • Team Barn Sanctuary, MI
  • Team Farmaste Animal Sanctuary, MN
  • Team Heartwood Haven, WA
  • Team Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, PA
  • Team Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, FL
  • Team Little Bear Sanctuary, FL
  • Team Pasado's Safe Haven, WA
  • Team Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge, NC
  • Team Wildwood Farm Sanctuary & Preserve, OR
For more information on The Goat Games 2021 including registering and/or making a donation, visit

About Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Founded in 2001, Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit, 155-acre refuge in New York's Hudson Valley. It is home to eleven species of rescued farmed animals with between 275 and 400 residents at any given time. In addition to direct animal aid, the Sanctuary offers on-site tours, a weekly podcast, vegan cooking lessons, and educational programs that advocate veganism as the very best way to end animal suffering, improve human health, and heal an ailing planet.

For more information, call (845) 336-8447 or go to
About Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the sole purpose of strengthening and supporting the work of animal sanctuaries, rescues, and rehabilitation centers worldwide. 

The goal of GFAS in working with and assisting these animal care facilities is to ensure they are supported, honored, recognized and rewarded for meeting important criteria in providing care to the animals in residence. GFAS was founded in 2007 by animal protection leaders from a number of different organizations in response to virtually unchecked and often hidden exploitation of animals for human entertainment and financial profit.

 The GFAS Board of Directors guides the organization’s work in a collaborative manner. While the board includes those in top leadership at The Humane Society of the United States, International Fund for Animal Welfare, and American Anti-Vivisection Society, all board members serve as individuals dedicated to animal sanctuaries.

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