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Beach Getaway in Gloucester

Discover, enjoy, spend the day!

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For my family, a beach getaway has to fulfill two essential criteria: a great beach town or boardwalk nearby and an amazing beach with amenities and things to do besides just sunbathing. Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester is probably the most amazing beach my family has ever visited and it sits right near the cutest fishing village! It takes us about 3.5 hours to drive there, just north of Boston, which makes it the perfect destination for families in the Hudson Valley.

Let's start with the gorgeous beach! Our family loves this beach for a whole bunch of great reasons. First, this beach is a mixture of rocky coastline and soft sand bar. The rocky coastline makes great, shallow tide pools when the tide is low which are full of sea creatures galore! Your children will love searching and exploring the pools full of crabs, clams, fish, sea snails and lots of other crawly things. The rocks also make a great outdoor playground, as they are flat and smooth and are lots of fun to climb. My daughter climbed in and out of the tide pools collecting rocks, shells and other treasures for hours!

For those who want soft, sandy expanses of beach for lounging and sunbathing, there is plenty of that as well. The beach stretches for miles, especially during low tide when you can walk out forever and the waves are almost non-existent making it perfect for families and small children. The water is the most beautiful shade of blue and the sand almost white, you feel as if you are on a Caribbean Island, and you didn't even have to board a plane!

As if the gorgeous clear water and amazing beach is not enough, there is the most picturesque fishing village just a short drive away! In Rockport is the seaside village of Bearskin Neck. Peaceful sailboats drift by while you stroll and shop in the artsy shops and eateries.You can watch lobster fishermen pull up large metal cages full of red beauties that are available to eat just minutes later. It's the ultimate beach town, perfect for exploring and relaxing.

One of the must stops in this beautiful, little village is Roy Moore Lobster Co. This tiny, locally owned eatery is the perfect place to get an authentic lobster meal! Your children will love seeing the huge lobster tank where they can pick their very own lobster for lunch! They have a gorgeous outdoor deck, that overlooks the water and the perfect, no frills setting for families with children.

After you have had your fill of fresh seafood you can walk it off by visiting any of the other eclectic shops or your family can walk down to the tip of the village that overlooks the water and has breathtaking views. There are plenty of places to sit, relax and take it all in.

The last stop before you leave Bearskin Neck is our favorite ice cream joint, The Ice Cream Store. This tiny cafe is situated right on the water and serves the best ice cream in a quaint, old fashion setting. Cool salty air drifts in through the large windows, each table overlooks the water as boats drift by and you sip creamy floats, it might be my most favorite place on earth!

Fresh seafood meals, tide pools full of creepy crawlies, shallow swimming water and the perfect beach town are all the necessities that make a great beach vacation. A short drive from the Hudson Valley, Gloucester is the perfect getaway for your family this summer!

Tips for this visit:
  • Visit the Gloucester City website for important information on visiting public beaches in MA.
  • Visit here for more information on Wingaersheek Beach.
  • There is public parking at Wingaersheek Beach, 20$ per vehicle on weekdays and 25$ on weekends and holidays.
  • Showers and bathrooms are open from 9am-6pm
  • There is a concession stand open from 9-6 selling food and drinks.
  • Lifeguards are on duty during the summer months, starting after Memorial Day and ending Labor Day.
  • The best time to visit the beach is during low tide, check here for the tide chart and best times to visit.
  • This beach is very popular so arriving early or going during the week is best, the parking lot does get full and cars can be turned away.
  • Visit Bearskin Neck online for more information about shops, restaurants and parking information.
  • There are plenty of other activities to enjoy and add to your vacation. Here are some suggestions of things nearby:

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