Dining Out: The Gilded Otter in New Paltz

Local brewery great for a night out with friends

Don’t you love it when function and beauty meet seamlessly? Our most recent culinary escapade found my boyfriend, Chris, and me with this sensation among the shining copper tanks of The Gilded Otter Brewery. The restaurant is spacious with high-ceilings and a comfortable setting. I highly recommend the Gilded Otter for a night out with friends. Although there was plenty of room inside, we chose to sit on the patio.

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Appetizers: I had my customary water as Chris selected the house pale ale from their extensive list. It was sweet with a light and satisfying hoppy flavor. We shared a Mediterranean platter of stuffed grape leaves, hummus, marinated vegetables and toasted pita. The dish was a light and healthy way to begin the meal. 

Entrée: Our server was patient as we considered the menu, which stayed true to brewery fare with their “hearty sandwiches” while incorporating unique, sophisticated dishes like my “Pear Gorgonzola Pizza” featuring caramelized onions, mozzarella and fontina cheeses and bacon covered with mesclun greens. I had my doubts at first (it sounded more like a salad than a pizza), but I made an excellent choice. The flavors and textures were well balanced. The “crust” (if such tasty bread must be called crust) was as delicious as the other components, warmed to perfection. Chris had the Asian Salmon Burger with pickled ginger, wasabi mayonnaise, cilantro and sprouts among its seasonings, served with crisp French Fries. 

Dessert: Since the Guilded Otter does not serve dessert, we left with full bellies and plans to try their beer sample platter, featuring small glasses of their house-made specialties. On the ride home, we stopped at Dressel Farms for their fresh peach sundaes topped with whipped cream and cherries. Their apple crisp sundae is a must!

The Gilded Otter
3 Main St. New Paltz

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Laura Lamica was a summer intern at HV Parent.

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