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Ending the chore wars

Tips for getting kids to help around the house

tips for getting kids to do chores around the house

In theory, giving kids household chores seems like a winning scenario for everyone involved as kids gain responsibility and parents finally get some extra help with the dishes, the dog, and the never-ending piles of laundry.

But kids aren’t always willing participants in this well-conceived plan. All too often, parents find that getting a child to finish a job proves to be more work than the actual chore itself. Here are some helpful tips on ending the war on chores once and for all.

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1. Start young
Kids ages 2 to 5 often enjoy helping their parents, making early childhood is an excellent time to start with a few small chores.
The key to soliciting cooperation from young children is to make it fun.

2. Set time limits
The late elementary years (ages 6 to 11) are a time of social and emotional growth, and children become more concerned with independence than with pleasing their parents. Get your kid off the couch by setting a chore time limit. For example, he must feed the dog before he eats dinner.

3. Time Crunch
Between 7 a.m. classes, after-school jobs, and burgeoning homework loads, it may seem like teens are too busy for chores. During these busy teen years, some parents relax on household chore rules, but doing chores can help teens build skills like planning, time management, and creativity that they'll use in the working world.