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Get Creative With Camp Creativity at Michael's Craft Store

Crafting Fun for Ages 3+

Are you afraid to get a little messy with your kidds? Don't be! It's how they learn and create! As a mom to a set of messy and creative twins I know a thing or two about the struggle to keep things neat. But when it comes to craft time I try to not to let my worries about making a mess stand in the way of their having fun and getting creative.

We signed up for Camp Creativity at Micheal's craft store to kick off our summer fun. My kids get to make a mess that I don't have to clean up! Each class is only 30 minutes long and costs $5.00. That fee includes everything thing you need to make two easy crafts. If you purchase 3 classes in advance the cost is only $12 (that's $4 per class!). Classes are on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. We chose to sign up for three Friday's in a row, only because Friday's are face painting day. Each week has a new theme and there are new crafts each day.

I drop the kids off for about 30 minutes (it's OK if they take a little longer to finish their projects, the instructors allow them to move at their own pace) and I walk around the store. I am never alone for 30 consecutive minutes. I didn't even know what to do. During our first session I kept stopping by the craft room to check in. But by our second session I dropped the kids off and I didn't look back. I was too distracted by all the pretty things I normally see in a blur. There was enough time for me to walk up and down every aisle and imagine new projects. It was just heavenly.

Sign up online, or stop by the store. There is a preview of the crafts you can make each week so you can choose which days to sign up for. The camps are from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday and run for 7 weeks. You don't need a full two hours, just drop in any time during camp hours.

I have to say it is so worth the $4.00 per child. The supplies alone would cost more than that if I were to purchase them. And did I mention there is no mess at my house to clean up?! The kids get a little art time and I get to indulge my own creativity. I rarely have time to plan a fun craft to add to my home, let alone shop for the materials. 

We spend a lot of time making projects together, so it's kind of nice for each of us to have our own creative space and it doesn't cost a fortune. Well, if you don't count the amount of shopping I do while the kids are finishing their crafts. 

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