Author James Patterson offers advice to get kids reading!

Kidsville News can help promote a love for books


With summer break over, it’s time for kids across to country to get back to the books. Hopefully, reading is a habit that continued over the summer. However, many children may need a little nudge to catch the reading bug again.


In an effort to keep your children reading, and enjoying it, try finding material that they are interested in. There are several publications, like the free children’s publication Kidsville News!, the nation’s fastest growing children’s newspaper, that have fun, interesting and educational articles that are geared towards elementary-aged children. This school year Kidsville News! is introducing an exciting 12-part serial story, “Quetzalcoatl,” that is sure to spark your child’s imagination. The adventure series, about a young boy, buried treasure and a strange and mysterious flying creature, begins in September and will also be available online at

Keep your kids engaged in education.


Great books are also a sure way to spark the imagination and love of reading in a young child. But there are so many choices. How do you find just the right book that will ignite the passion for reading in your child? Again, Kidsville News! –– in partnership with author James Patterson’s, –– provides monthly recommendations and book reviews for teachers and parents and all ages of children.


James Patterson’s ReadKiddoRead is a web site designed to help parents, teachers and librarians ignite the next generation’s passion for reading by recommending books carefully chosen for their ability. Complete with age designations, thoughtful book descriptions, author and celebrity interviews (Jeff Kinney, Rick Riordan, Julie Andrews, Lemony Snicket, and more), links to online retailers and much more, helps make finding a book for a young person easy and, ultimately, rewarding. Selections from will appear in print nationwide within the pages of Kidsville News! and online.


“ReadKiddoRead is about getting the very best books into kids’ hands, the ones that will create life-long readers. Kidsville News! understands how important this is — they have a solid, entertaining paper that gets kids and parents reading together. What a great place to showcase a taste of what’s going on at ReadKiddoRead,” said James Patterson, commenting on the new partnership.


Bill Bowman, president of Kidsville News! Inc., agrees that the partnership is a perfect match. “We are extremely proud of this new relationship, because it’s evidence that we are achieving our mission of promoting literacy, education and good character development in our young people. Both organizations have a mission of promoting reading as a valuable skill that is fun, educational and a rewarding lifelong hobby.”

For more information on Kidsville News! or to find out how to bring it to your community, visit or call 877-458-6397. 


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