Garden fun for kids

Plant garden seeds in clay with your kids

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Children with the Homestead School in Glen Spey dig into a bucket of clay to to create small clay balls that will be pressed with seeds for their gardens. 

Get your garden going with a kid-friendly activity from the Homestead School in Glen Spey that will have your family’s gardens in bloom in no time.


  • Clay
  • Garden seeds
  • Roller pin
  • Cookie cutters
1.       With your kids, knead a small spoonful or large pincof milkweed seeds (or any kind of seeds) into a small ball of clay. Not only is working with clay fun, but it’s also a great sensory activity that builds hand strength and motor skills.

2.       Next, press the balls into discs or use a rolling pin to roll out the dough. 

      3.       Cut the dough with a cookie cutter. 

      4.       Let the clay forms dry for a couple of days. 

      5.       Dig a hole in your garden and plant the seeded clay.

      6.       Watch for the seeds to sprout! 

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Pro Tip! Using milkweed seeds helps re-create
the habitat for monarch butterflies.

The Homestead School is a Montessori School located in Glen Spey, NY, and offers children ages 2.5 years to 14 years (Pre-K through 8th grade) a unique, life-enriching, humanitarian, and outdoor-oriented educational experience.