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Fun gifts for Easter

Sugar-free ideas for stuffing your kid's basket

Sugar-free ideas for Easter baskets

It's almost time for the Easter Bunny to come hopping along and filling kids' baskets. Do you need alternatives to sugary treats this year? We have 5 fun gifts that your kids are sure to love.

This awesome activity subscription was started by a mom who out of a need for quality, fun and easy to set up educational activities for her girls. They create fun and engaging activities that foster a love of learning for your littles while taking the overwhelm and planning off your to-do list. You'll get activities sent to your email every week that are fun, engaging & educational plus go along with books they read on their YouTube Channel! This is fun and easy to do. Just print and have some fun! Annual subscription is $50 or $5/month.

Go Green for spring with the Zombie Plant Kit
It's not as creepy as it seems. This cute little plant folds itself up when touched. My grandkids love watching the leaves fold up one by one. You get a kit with seeds, a mini plastic greenhouse and soil pods. Easy, peasy, and fun for kids of all ages. The adult plants will even produce a pretty flower. A big plus is that you can grow it indoors and it is not poisonous to cats or dogs. Surprisingly enough, my nosy kitties have actually left it alone. They have lots of different kits starting at $7.95. You can purchase it here.

A great feel-good book for kids - Completely Me
Completely Me is a story about a little girl who never noticed there was something different about herself until others pointed it out. When she decides to stand up for herself, she teaches the townspeople an important lesson about acceptance. It's a wonderful way to teach kids about inclusion. I will be gifting my granddaughter a copy for Easter this year. You can find it at Green Rose Publishing and Amazon for $12.99.

Kids will actually like learning about numbers - FunPlay Number Rods

These cool number rods are from edx education and it's an inventive way to teach kids about numbers. The Number Rods are colored, so children learn number relationships more easily. It also includes 25 double-sided activity cards to help them along and keep them engaged. Perfect for littles and homeschoolers. Buy them on Amazon for $24.99.

Kids love these toys! I gave my grandkids the Stomp Rocket last year and they played with constantly. This one has cars that launch off the pad and go like crazy. Challenge your kids to see how far they can get it to go. Bonus, they have to go and get it after it launches and they burn off tons of energy. Buy it for $19.99 here.