Fun Activities for Kids: Make a Bird from Birdseed

Young children will love this activity!

Start with one piece of paper towel and about 2-3 tablespoons of birdseed. Place the birdseed in the middle of the paper towel, pull the corners together and hold the birdseed closed securely in the paper towel with a rubber band. This process makes a ball. Next find a tall, narrow, glass jar and fill it with water.

Place the paper towel with the birdseed ball on top of the jar with the ends of the paper towel sticking inside the jar in the water. The birdseed ball rests on top of the jar, not in the water.

Now, place the jar in a window or on a table where it will get some sunlight, wait a few days and see what happens.

Once the seeds sprout, the birdseed ball and jar look like a bird with feathers on its head!

Take a few minutes to talk about how it all happened.