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Milton is not known for being a road trip destination, but nestled into this small town, just across the Mid-Hudson bridge, from Poughkeepsie is a small little cafe that is absolutely worth the drive! Frida's Cafe and Bakery is a hidden gem that is the perfect place to spend a cold afternoon sipping coffee and noshing on homemade pastries. As if that is not enough to entice you they also have a large playroom for kids that keeps them busy for as long as you want to pretend you are single and kid-free again, just joking, kind of!

Frida's is a wonderful place to eat breakfast, lunch or even a weekend brunch. They offer a small menu of homemade items as well as an extensive case full of every kind of sweet treat you could imagine! We love going there for brunch, taking our time to eat and drink our hot coffee while our daughter runs back and forth between building a fort and taking bites of her homemade bagel. Do not at all feel guilty about ordering your breakfast sandwich with a side of mini-cheesecake, we always do!

The dining room is both upstairs and downstairs. There is an elevator for families with strollers or disabilities. We always sit upstairs because it's where the playroom is located and there is no harm in your child being noisy or running around in the large and open space. The dining room has a whimsical feel with fairy house lights, all lit up like a village in the sky. There are plenty of tables to choose from, quiet corner nooks for those looking for a place to read or large tables smack in the middle where you and your friends can gather. There is also a cute woodland table made to look like toadstools and tree trunks. Situated outside the playroom it's the perfect spot if you want to keep a close eye on your kiddies.

Frida's also boasts an outdoor patio, that is open year-round for those who want to dine al fresco! It overlooks the quiet parking lot and is the perfect place to catch some rays while you eat your meal!

The playroom is the main attraction at this joint, with gorgeous natural light from all of the windows, lots and lots of blocks for building forts and castles as well as lots of pretend play items, a kitchen and fruit stand. They ask that you don't wear shoes into the play area and that your children are supervised at all times. My daughter absolutely loves coming here, and it's a wonderful retreat in the cold winter months.

Frida's also hosts children's cooking classes, and they are run by their wonderful and friendly staff. Your children can learn to make poptarts, cookies, ice cream and many other items that they make on site. The class comes with a tour of the kitchens and your kids will get to play while the treats are baking. We have gone to a few of the baking classes and really enjoyed ourselves. For more information, look here at their Facebook events page. Sign-up ahead of time as they do sell out quickly.

Tips for this visit:
  • Shoes are not allowed in the playroom, socks are therefore required.
  • There are bathrooms located on the top floor of Frida's.
  • The restaurant is very stroller friendly.
  • They accept both cash and card. There is an ATM located on site.
  • There is an elevator to access the top floors.
  • There is plenty of free, off street parking behind the building.
  • They are open 7 days a week 7am-5pm.
For more information visit Frida's online.

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