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Tips for celebrating July 4th

Tips for celebrating July 4th

Whether you go away or barbeque at home, we can help make this July Fourth a great one with our ideas for enriching your holiday traditions!

Where do you usually watch the fireworks from? A field? The hood of your car? Your backyard? Try a different kind of venue, like the beach, or go a little further from the city where the sky will be especially dark.

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July 4th Fare

There are lots of ways to jazz up typical barbeque dishes.

To make red white and blue treats, use strawberries and blueberries on all kinds of desserts, from cheesecakes to parfaits. Or find red white and blue sprinkles (maybe even star-shaped) in your baking aisle.

For tons of festive Independence Day recipes, visit the Food Network's page

Grown-up Drinks

Check out these great grown-up approved Patriotic Drinks!

Try layering red white and blue liquors (blue curaçao, peach schnapps, and grenadine). Be sure to start with the most dense and slowly layer the next using a spoon to “float” the consecutive layers.

And… not so grown up

For a non-alcoholic version with the same effect, try layering cranberry juice or fruit punch with a blue sports drink (anything with the right color). Check which one has the most sugar content—that’ll be the heaviest. If they’re too similar in density, mix one with water first before layering. Don’t forget the ice!

Kid’s Crafts

Remember—this is a historical holiday. If your kid likes to color, try out these historical coloring sheets of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin

Instead of buying all your decorations, for a quick and easy craft, make a star-shaped garland for the porch, kitchen, or anywhere using streamers, ribbons, paper, markers, and glue. You can replicate just about any store-bought banner (with a homemade touch of creativity).

End the party with a bang!

No matter what day you plan your party on, you’ll still have an opportunity to enjoy a local Independence Day festival. If you want to have guests over in the afternoon, you can round up the kids and take your friends to see the fireworks.