Dining Out: The Wherehouse in Newburgh

Newburgh eatery provides excellent food and classic album cover decor


If you are looking for a great dining experience in the Hudson Valley, The Wherehouse, on the corner of Liberty and Ann Streets in Newburgh, is a place to try with its airy interior and vintage album covers wall art.  Plus, the place makes the best nachos I've ever had. Everything was fresh and homemade, and the black beans have a hint of lime, the chips are light and crunchy, and the salsa has bite.

The fresh jalapenos give heat to the dish. Sour cream and a tomatillo dipping sauce also came with the nachos. The tomatillo sauce, flavored with cilantro and jalapeno, was light with some heat at the end. We cleaned this plate.

Pulled pork with potatoes and coleslaw, Shepherds Pie and two different burgers were next on the agenda. The coleslaw was creamy and delicious, an outstanding dish that is now another new favorite of mine. I was surprised to learn that I was way off in guessing the ingredients. This is a must have.

My shepherd’s pie was an interesting combination of meat and vegetables. It was chock full of green beans, carrots, water chestnuts, corn, and more. My older son ordered the Samurai Kobe Beef burger, which was a bit pricier, but was extra tender and very flavorful. The potatoes he chose were thinly sliced almost like a chip and lightly seasoned. Not too greasy, and were a great accompaniment.  My younger son’s bacon cheeseburger was generous and cooked perfectly. The potatoes were a success with this dish also.

The staff is friendly and helpful and readily answered any questions. I recommend The Wherehouse to anyone looking for excellent food at good prices.

Leslie Cortes is the HV Parent Magazine Art Director. She enjoys eating out with her family.

The Wherehouse

119 Liberty Street

Newburgh, NY 12550


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