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Get fit with these great apps

MyFitnessPal - MyFitnessPal is one of the best all-in-one calorie counters and exercise trackers. It has an expansive database of foods and activities, in addition to an active online community for support and motivation. Free

Couch to 5K - There are several apps that have appropriated the popular interval running program, which gets you from the couch to running a 5K in only 9 weeks. The official app is $1.99, but there are also lots of free third-party versions that use the same program.

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Fitocracy - Fitocracy uses game-like stats for friendly competition and increases your dedication to working out. The app and website feature social interaction prominently, so you will get lots of support whether you passed on that Big Mac at lunch or skipped the gym. Free

Pocket Yoga - Keep up with your practice at your own pace and schedule in the comforts of your own home. Simply set your device in front of your mat, start a practice, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session. Choose between 3 different practices, 3 different difficulty levels and 3 different durations. $2.99

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Map My Run - Easily track your pace, distance, calories and time spent running, cycling, or over 600 types of other activities. The GPS maps your route for you, and voice prompts update you as you go — without interfering with your favorite running mix. Free

Lose It! - Create a custom weight loss plan and a daily calorie budget based on how quickly you want to lose weight. Track your food and exercise, and the active online community helps you stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your goal. Free