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Simple Feng Shui Tips To Maximize Study Areas

Help your child feel more productive

Help your child feel more productive

It is normal for students to feel overwhelmed with deadlines and exams throughout the school year. For students, keeping school life separate from social obligations can be challenging. While it is impossible to completely alleviate the stress associated with schoolwork, there is a simple (and affordable!) way to become a more balanced scholar.

"Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system rooted in philosophic and scientific practices," said Sharon Mann, an organizational expert at Esselte. "Contemporary feng shui can be utilized by children, teenagers and even college students, to attract positive experiences in key homework areas throughout your home. It's fairly simple to personalize the areas to reflect specific goals, like better managing projects or making study environments calmer."

Esselte, the leading global organizational supplies company, offers the following simple feng shui tips to achieving a more effective, peaceful study area.


Disorganization causes stress and can be a distraction to the learning process. A tidy work area attracts new things and enhances concentration, so keep 50 percent of the desk visible at all times and keep clutter to a bare minimum by utilizing drawer cabinets, hanging files and binders for storage. Paper trays, penholders and other organizational products give everything its own place within your workspace. Clearly labeling files, as well as sorting and color-coding files, will further clear clutter and make it easier to manage your study area (and your workload).

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The placement of furniture in a study area is key to attracting positive chi. For the most beneficial arrangement, face your desk toward the entryway, with a solid wall to your back. Never sit with your back to the doorway, as it invites negativity. Position yourself in the corner farthest from the entrance, which instills a command of your space.


Personalize study areas and increase the flow of positive chi by decorating strategically. Various colors attract different energies into workspaces. Yellow, which promotes discipline and creativity, is ideal for homework areas. Red has an energizing effect, while soothing blue-green tones inspire aspiring writers. Warm desert colors, such orange, stimulate collaboration in group projects.

Maximize the organizational benefits and increase the flow of positive chi by incorporating strategic colors throughout your entire study area. Designate a different colored folder to each class or assignment. Studies show that when colored files are utilized, the amount of time spent looking for papers decreases by up to 50 percent.

Esselte is the leading global office supplies manufacturer, developing innovative solutions that make it easier for people to organize the modern home and workplace. More information can be found by visiting http://www.esselte.com.