Bring balance to your house with feng shui

These quick tips keep your house pulsing with positive energy!

Adding “Feng Shui-friendly” touches to your home is easy.  Here are some ways that involve little effort or money and that just may add balance and positive energies to your home. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Feng Shui (pronounced colloquially as “fung shway”) is the Chinese system that studies people's relationships to their environment in order to achieve maximum harmony with the spiritual forces believed to influence all places. Through centuries of observation, Feng Shui has identified the characteristics of energy and the relationships between them that produce either a positive or negative environment.

The toilet seat rule

Yes. There’s a “toilet seat rule.” When not in use, keep the toilet seat down and the bathroom door closed. Besides the obvious esthetic improvement, virtually every Feng Shui consultant will recommend this practice. Stillwater collects the energy around it, especially the good energy that encourages health and wealth. Therefore, all that good energy finds its way to the open toilet. As you flush, yep, all that accumulated energy literally runs down the drain.

Apples and oranges

An easy way to cultivate prosperity in your life is by keeping a big bowl of fresh apples or oranges on your kitchen or dining room table. These instantly cultivate the feeling of abundance, and once you feel prosperous, prosperity is immediately attracted your way.

The idea behind this is that since you couldn’t finish a bowl full of apples at one sitting, there’s always more than enough. In Feng Shui, round objects like crystal balls or globes are often used to promote peace and harmony, also since round fruit has no jagged edges or corners, energy flows easily around them. The fruit’s colors (in this case, red and orange) work to inspire wealth and action. Red is a powerful color associated with “fire.” And in Chinese, the word for “orange” sounds like the word for “gold.” That’s why you might see a generous display of oranges at any Chinese New Year celebration.

Throw a party
Ever walk into a house that has not had visitors in a while? You can almost feel the stagnant vibrations that have collected. One way to infuse energy into your environment is to throw a party and just have some fun with friends or family. Make sure your guests walk in through your front door. They’ll bring lots of fresh energy into your home and clear out the stale negative energy that has accumulated.