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Fencing Leads the Way for Women in Sports

The Olympic Sport of Fencing is a leader in opportunity for women in sports, which in turn gives them more opportunities in life.

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Achievement through fencing.

Fencing is the number one scholarship sport for Women in the NCAA, and given the competitive nature of elite schools, being recruited to the school of your choice not only takes a lot of stress off the admissions process but it has tremendous additional benefits of going into College with an entire department setup with systems in place to make sure their athletes achieve in the classroom as well!

Studies have shown that women who actively participate in sports achieve higher grades, experience lower levels of sadness and depression, and have higher opinions of their abilities and competencies. Female athletes tend to trust and develop solid friendships through the sport, and they learn healthier ways to handle stressful situations than those who don’t play sports. Studies also show that women who played a sport become more successful in life and are healthier later in life showing reduced rates of osteoporosis and some forms of cancer.

Local support for the sport, full support for the athlete

The Phoenix Center, a facility dedicated to the sport of Olympic Fencing, works with athletes and their families to achieve Regional, National, and International success - all leading to college recruitment. They have even been recognized by the National Governing Body and USA Fencing as a Club of Excellence in Diversity and Women’s Programming. 

“There are four Club of Excellence awards given out annually, one winner in each category.” Explained Dennis Kolakowski, Coach and Co-Owner of The PhoenixCenter. “To be recognized as a community for how we work with our athletes to put them in the best situations to succeed, not only in the sport, but setting them up for academic success and success in life is beyond rewarding.” Eric Soyka (Coach, Founder, and Owner) added, “We’ve worked hard to build a culture where our athletes feel supported, not just by us, but their teammates and all the families at The Phoenix Center.” 

A sport and a lifetime skill

Fencing is also a lifetime sport. It's an activity that women can do into their 70's and beyond. They even hold world championships in the 50+, 60+, and 70+ age categories. “It’s a great thing to be able to go anywhere in the world, and go into a fencing club and immediately have a connection to a community.” Said Coach Soyka. “We’ve had athletes travel the world for school or work, and be able to make great friends and ties to their new communities all through the sport.” He added. 

For information on The Phoenix Center please visit their website:
They are located right in the heart of the Hudson Valley at 250 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, NY 12603.

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