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Easy, mess-free Father's Day Craft

A homemade mug for Dad's day

Easy Father's Day mug craft

An easy, mess-free craft even little ones can do for dad this Father's Day! I love how easy the rub-ons are to work with and they apply to several surface types including paper, wood, glass and ceramic.  I chose a coffee mug and some Dad rub-ons for this project.

Items used:

Ceramic coffee mug
Rub-on stickers

In your package of rub-ons there will be a stick you use to rub the design onto your surface.  Cut out the design you want to use and place on area you want to use.  Gently rub the stick over the design until it is sticking to the surface, pull the top plastic back to make sure the image is adhered, if not, simply continue rubbing.  

My 7 year old son was able to do this project with a little instruction and is thrilled his little hands are in the pictures.

Have a wonderful Father's Day!