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Farm-to-kitchen table

17 recipes straight from the farm

hudson valley farm markets healthy recipes kids will love

Farmer’s Market season is upon us! Now is the perfect time to introduce your family to some delicious new produce-based recipes; not to mention, by purchasing produce at your local farmer’s market, you’ll be supporting our great local farms and farmers! Check out these great recipes and make your favorite today.

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Carrot-Cake Pancakes
Get your kids to eat vegetables for breakfast with these pancakes! Whip up your favorite pancake batter, then add in shredded carrots, crushed walnuts, and shaved coconut. Top it all off with a dollop of cream cheese frosting or maple syrup.

Whole wheat muffins are even better with fresh fruit. Chop up berries or apples and add to your muffin batter for a fruity sensation kids are sure to love.

Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal
Put away the store bought stuff and create your own farm-fresh oatmeal. For this recipe you’ll need oats, milk, water, cinnamon, and apples!

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Apple Sandwiches
Core and slice your favorite type of apple, I prefer a tart Granny Smith. Next, put some peanut butter or almond butter on whole wheat bread and layer on the sliced apples. Then sprinkle some raisins and granola on top and your sandwiches are ready to go.

Picnic Poppers
This quick and easy lunch is one of my favorites. Top off whole grain crackers with cream cheese, turkey, and sliced cucumbers. Season with salt and pepper and you’ve got yourself some delicious light fare!

BLT on Whole Wheat Toast
Who can resist a classic BLT? Toasted Italian bread, bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes with a dash of salt and pepper make for a yummy lunch. I like to mash up a quarter of an avocado and smear on the bread instead of mayo.

Street Corn
Throw some farm-fresh corn on the grill for 10 to 12 minutes. Brush on some olive oil and sprinkle with fresh cilantro, salt, pepper and some crumbles of Oaxaca cheese!

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Avocado and Tomato Bread Pudding
This is a great dinner to make when you’ve got to be at soccer practice in less than 30 minutes. Simply dice a fresh baguette, four avocados, and five tomatoes. Mix the bread, avocados and tomatoes (you may need a splash of tomato juice just to combine everything).  Then put in the fridge to chill and marinate for 10-20 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste. I also like to add a little diced red onion!

Primavera Pasta
Grab your favorite mix of fresh veggies and get dicing for this simple, but elegant recipe. I like to make mine with eggplant, zucchini, onion, tomato, and fresh basil. Dice everything and sauté over medium heat until tender. Mix in four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil once veggies have been removed from heat. Ladle over your favorite pasta.

Stuffed Peppers
Pick up a bell pepper or two for everyone in the family at the farmer’s market. Cut off the tops and remove the seeds. In a bowl, shred rotisserie chicken and mix in a dollop of fresh salsa, and your favorite diced veggies. Stuff each pepper with the mixture and top with pepper jack cheese. Broil until tender.

Fresh Veggie Pizza
Your kids will be begging for a slice of this pie. Instead of the usual pepperoni and cheese, try this healthy version: Pre-bake your pizza crust. Top off with fresh mozzarella, thin sliced tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, basil and garlic. Drizzle with olive oil and bake until melty and gooey!

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Zucchini Straws
Use up the zucchini you bought with this delicious treat. Cut your zucchini into “fries” and lightly brush with olive oil, dredge in bread crumbs and top it off with parmesan cheese and then bake at 350. Your kids will be begging you for more!

Ants on a Log
Make a classic “Ants on a Log” treat – Celery sticks topped with peanut butter and raisins. You can also switch things up by topping the celery sticks with almond butter, pumpkin seeds, and halved grapes.

Homemade Apple Sauce
After picking apples with the kids, come home to make this quick and easy apple sauce. Add apples, apple cider, lemon juice, honey, cinnamon, and a dash of nutmeg to a large sauce pan. Boil with a covered lid and let it cook for 15 minutes. Mash the boiled apples with a potato smasher and mix in more cinnamon and nutmeg before serving.

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Caramel Apple Nachos
Slice apples, drizzle with caramel syrup, and top with cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, and nuts.

Fruit Pizza
Slice a watermelon into large rounds. Top with a couple dollops of whipped cream, chopped cherries, peaches, strawberries, and toasted coconut. Then cut into pizza wedges and serve!

Salted Caramel Strawberries
To make a caramel mixture, microwave soft caramel candies and whipping cream together for 3 ½ minutes and dip the strawberries into it. Roll in chopped nuts and let it sit for 15 minutes.

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Jacqueline Kavana is a recent graduate from Mount Saint Mary College.