Family Services

Providing Hope. Improving Lives. Strengthening Community

Family Solutions is truly a non-for-profit that makes a difference in the Hudson Valley. By harnessing a person’s willingness to help themselves, and to help others, this foundation has been able to reach far beyond their Poughkeepsie base of operations.  Their programs include, but aren’t limited to focuses in: youth development, counseling and support, case management, education, staff training and development, program design and evaluation. Their volunteerism motto, “If you can make time to help us, we can find a way to put your talents to good use,” is a testament to the organization’s encouragement of community involvement which is only overshadowed by their limitless gratitude toward contributors. Board Chair, Shelia Appel’s  quote in the Family Services’ newsletter, “… you are creating miracles in our community every day”, exemplifies the impact donors and volunteers have had on Hudson valley communities and highlights the efforts of individuals that have kept this amazing program running since 1879.


Family Solutions is special because their primary goal is to help people help themselves through community resources and collaborative projects. One such project that has captured the attention of Hudson Valley Parent is their cards for sale online. These colorfully drawn cards are collected through an annual poster designing contest held for children in their after school programs. The cards come in sets of 10, including envelopes, and are available online for $15. Your purchases and donations will help these programs to thrive. For more information about Family Services’ programs, how to donate or volunteer, please visit