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Make your summer party EPIC

How to throw the best beach party

Summer parties can be a blast! School is out and so is the sun. Turn the fun up a notch by throwing the best beach bash (without breaking the bank). Throw on your flip-flops and your SPF 50 and enjoy a party on the sand with a cold drink in your hand. Here’s some tips to help you throw an epic beach party right here in the Hudson Valley.

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Pick the right beach.
There are so many swimming holes and beaches across the Hudson Valley, choosing the right one for your beach party can be hard. Pick one that is local so the set up and clean up for your party can be as simple as possible. Make sure the beach location you pick has a place for your party. Picnic tables, restrooms, and a sandy place for your fun makes the venue perfect for the most epic beach party. Click HERE to see a list of the best swimming holes and beaches in the Hudson Valley.

Stick to a theme
When planning an epic party, the beachier the better. Have kids help pick out beach and summer themed songs to play and make a playlist that can run on loop during the party. Get kids involved with the planning by creating homemade decorations and invitations.

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Keep food and drinks fresh
The weather is hot, so keep your party cool! Fresh and colorful finger foods are a big hit at parties. Fruit salad is a cool treat on a hot day, and is a healthy option that will make moms happy. Try serving chips out of (clean) sand pails to go along with your beachy theme. Gummy sharks and fish are easy to find candies that aren’t too expensive and go with your theme as well. Make a fun drink, too and serve it with little umbrellas for added fun.

Play fun beach games Entertain your party guests with some beachy games. Play volleyball with a giant beach ball, have races wearing flippers, or even have a sandcastle building contest. Take a dip in the water to cool off after running around the sand. Make sure you bring floaties for kids to use in the water.

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Bring a change of clothes Beach parties are fun, but can also be pretty sandy! After a day spent splashing around in the, your kids may want to get out of their wet bathing suit or sand filled clothes. Don’t let this put a damper on your epic party. Be prepared and pack a change of clothes for you and your kids. Let guests know ahead of time that your party will be on the beach, so they can do the same!

Hope for sun and enjoy the sand
After the planning the most epic beach bash, kick back and relax. Your guests will be enjoying the fresh food, fun games and rocking summer playlist, so you should do the same!