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Easy Upcycle Craft to Go Gold This Fall

Kick off Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with This Easy Craft

This week I found a pair of my daughters rain boots from when she was a toddler. It wasn't so long ago that we spent time jumping in puddles with these boots. I thought I had donated them so when we found them she immediately wanted to do something creative with them. She wanted to turn them into planters, but I just didn’t have the heart to drill holes in them and fill them with dirt. Not just for the sake of nostalgia, but they are in such good condition they could be useful to someone else.

I decided to compromise and create this fun décor to hang on our front door. No dirt, no drilling and nothing to keep alive. It also takes more time to select which flowers to use in the arrangement than to make the actual craft. So it is all of my favorite things - quick, easy and cheap. 

With Pediatric Cancer Awareness month only two days away, we decided to decorate these little boots with bits of golden yellow to kick off Go Gold in September. Before my niece was diagnosed at age 3 with leukemia, I just thought childhood cancer was something rare. Unfortunately, every two minutes a child is diagnosed, and 7 children die each day from cancer. It isn’t so rare.

How exactly does this craft raise awareness? Well, it’s a conversation starter. It accompanies the Go Gold sign on my front lawn. When my neighbors ask me about the sign, or our other gold decorations, I can tell them why this mission is so important to me and talk about the local kids in our little town that have been affected. I still meet more and more people who, like I did, think childhood cancer is rare.

You may like this project just because it is simple and an easy way to preserve an innocent piece of your kid's childhood. It’s OK if you chose not to use it to Go Gold. But please feel free to spread the word and Go Gold in another way.

What you’ll need for this project:

1 pair of child sized rain boots

Ribbon with wire

2 Pairs of scissors (one heavy duty pair, one smaller pair for cutting fabric)

Artificial flowers (I used 4 hydrangea flowers and 2 ornamental roses)

Begin by giving the boots a good cleaning. Then tie the boots together with one boot hanging a little lower than the other.  Next, measure each flower against the size of the boot and cut accordingly. (Tip: those little notches in the flower stem make it easier to cut. Just use your scissor to cut through the plastic and then bend the metal stem back and forth until it breaks). Tie a bow around the top of each boot and begin arranging your choice of flowers. If the flowers seem to be falling over and not staying in position, try stuffing the boots with news paper for stability.

This is such a cute way to upcycle your child’s adorable rain boots and turn them into a keepsake. It's a great reminder of how small they were. And it adds just a little fun to your entryway.

Other ways you can go gold this month:

Know the facts about pediatric cancer. Take the time to learn more by clicking here.

Donate to a charity that aligns with how you want to help- research vs. ongoing medical cost, or helping children make lasting memories through trips with their families.  

Volunteer your time helping with your local St. Baldrick's event to help raise thousands of dollars for vital research. If there isn't one in your area you can start one! Feel free to follow along with St Baldrick's Day Ulster County for updates!

Know where your money goes once you donate. There are some charities that operate on a business model which means some of their income pays for a corporate style staff, while other charities fund research directly and only cover smaller costs to advertise. Learn more here.

Send a card to a child in your community undergoing treatment.

Wear gold, or gold ribbon pins to show your support and to make others curious. 

Host a bake sale, or another fundraiser to share statistics and send money to your favorite charity.

Contact your local children's hospital and ask what kinds of activities they are in need of to keep kids occupied- craft kits, coloring books, etc. Enlist the help of friends and family to complete their wish list.

Make a meal for a family you may know in your community who's child is undergoing cancer treatment. Home cooked meals are so infrequent when living in hospitals and medical housing. 

Wear gold shirts and shoes laces. When people ask you what you are wearing share with them what you've learned this month!


Are you ready to Go Gold?

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