Easy Memorial Day Project for Families

Show your pride in this patriotic lawn decoration

Memorial Day is approaching quickly and with the hustle and bustle of the active summer season, slow down with this quick, easy, and fun themed-craft to do with the kids. In about 30 minutes, you can construct your very own Memorial Day Windsock using a few easy to obtain supplies. (This craft is recommended for children ages 5 and up.  Project supplies will create two windsocks).


What You’ll Need:
         -1 piece red construction paper
         -1 piece white construction paper
         -1 piece blue construction paper
         -Star paper punch (not necessary)

         -2 Paper clips or clothes pins



First, orient all of your standard size construction paper so that the longer sides appear on the top and bottom (this will be your starting point for all of your cutting instructions).

Begin by cutting 1” vertical strips of white and red construction paper. The white paper will be used to make decorative stars and borders and the red paper stripes will become the tails on your windsock.

Next, cut the blue construction paper in half vertically; this will become the body of the windsock.


The next step is to make stars from the white stripes of paper you have cut. If you do not have a star punch, draw stars on your stripes of paper. Using your white paper stripes and your star punch/scissors punch or cut a line of stars out from each white stripe of paper (the white paper you have cut from will be used for the decorative edges on your windsock).


Using glue, apply your now star-studded white strips of paper to one of the longer sides of your blue paper pieces (this will be the decorative edge on the bottom of your wind sock). Glue your white stars wherever you would like on the remaining blue paper (on the same side as the decorative edge).


Turn the blue paper over so that the white paper pieces you have applied are now facing downward. Distribute the red stripes of paper evenly and glue them vertically, half an inch on to the blue paper so they hang below the white decorative edge in the reverse side.


Flip your flag back over so the stars are facing you and glue the blue paper ends together making a circle so that the red paper is dangling from the bottom of the windsock. Use paper clips or clothes pins on the top and bottom to keep the windsock together as it dries.

Once your windsock is dry, punch a hole on opposite sides of the top of your windsock (parents can help here) and attach a piece of string with knots on each end for hanging. Remember that it's made of construction paper and will not last long outside, but will be a wonderful addition to show your pride in the USA, and decorate your yard on a sunny day.  Do move inside if stormy weather approaches.


Kyle Meditz is HV Parent Editorial Assistant, and Kelly Keane is our Arts & Crafts contact at Michael's in Central Valley.