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Easy Magnet Tile Craft for Mother's Day

Easy Craft Kids of Any Age Can Make

I'll share a little secret, I keep a stash of crafty kits in our closet to pull out on rainy days, or just for fun. The other day my child stumbled up on a DIY magnet tile kit. It was so easy to make, just draw on a design, paint and add a magnet to the back. It's is the inspiration for today's crafty share. 
With Mother's Day only a week away I thought this would be something easy and cute for little ones to make. It's a great gift for aunts, grandmothers and easy enough to make in a classroom to send home as gifts. 

What you'll need:

1.5 inch by 1.5 inch tile (you can find at craft or home stores)
A favorite photo
Modge Podge
Paint brush
Double side tape
Magnetic strips or a sheet of pre-cut magnets

We used a white glazed ceramic tile that has a matte finish, but you can use any color tile you'd like. 

Simply cut a picture small enough to fit the center of your tile (I honestly never measure and just guess). Use a small piece of double side tape to hold the photo in place where you'd like it. 

Next use your paint brush to cover the top of the photo and tile with Modge Podge. You can apply it thick, but even across the tile. This will dry and create a clear coat to seal your photo. 

Once your tile is dry, apply a small magnet to the back of the tile. Self adhesive sheet magnets work best. This will keep the magnet flat against a surface. But you can also hot glue a thicker magnet to the back of your tile. 

Now your craft is ready for gifting and securing all that fabulous kid art in place on the fridge! 

Really little ones can help apply the Modge Podge. Older kids can take the lead with minimal assistance on this project. And if you are like me, a kid at heart, you can make as many as you'd like just for fun!

What are you making for Mother's Day this year?

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