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Easy "Kidtainment" for Thanksgiving Day

Activities to keep kids busy while they wait to eat!

Activities to keep kids busy while they wait to eat!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is so close! I have so many crafts I want to finish with the kids. The good news is I don’t have to finish every craft before our turkey day feast. I can save our crafts to do on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a great way to help kids pass the time while waiting for the main event.

We eat later in the evening while some families eat earlier in the day. Whatever time of day you celebrate your thanks you can avoid hearing, “I’m bored” with these super easy ideas for “kidtainment.”

Personalize your table – pick up a roll of brown craft paper at the dollar store. Roll it right over the top of your festive holiday table cloth and put out some crayons. The kids will love tracing their hands to create turkeys, practicing their letters and shapes, or just drawing whatever is in their imagination.

Make a kids only table – set out a small table and chairs to the side and set up any craft items you may already have on hand: glue, paper, crayons, markers etc.  If you have time simply print off some Thanksgiving coloring pages to leave out for little ones.

Get a jump on your Christmas crafts – make a countdown chain out of red, white and green strips of construction paper. Tape or staple the ends of one strip together to form a ring. Make the next ring by slipping a flat strip through the ring and joining the ends, staple or tape and repeat. You can also have your kiddos make homemade Christmas cards for their teachers and bus drivers, the postman or neighbors.

Buy crafts ahead of time – this time of year most stores have their Thanksgiving crafts on clearance. Pick up some readymade crafts that simply go together with stickers and leave them out on the table. Everyone can enjoy making something together. Let kids hang them through the house to keep them busy with decorations while you cook.

Get outside – put the turkey in the oven and go for a walk, or play in the back yard. Create an easy scavenger hunt and have the kids look for things like leaves, small twigs, pine cones and small rocks. Think of things they can glue to a page and create something when they get back home. 

Paint some kindness rocks – these are all the rage right now. Why not set aside some space to paint a handful of rocks with Thanksgiving themed words like, thankful, grateful, full, wobble, gobble and the like.

Play with dough – if you have really little ones set up a small area they can use to “cook” by making Thanksgiving shapes with cookie cutters. Kids can feel like they are part of the action in the kitchen while you are peeling potatoes.

Make and take crafts – if you are traveling for Thanksgiving bring along some simple mess free crafts your kids can do once they arrive. It will help them settle in and stay busy while they wait. 

Happy count down to Thanksgiving all! 

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