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Easy Halloween Craft

Creepy, Crawly Spider


spider craft

What you’ll need:

Elmer's Glue-All™
Two Paper Plates
Black Construction Paper
Googly Eyes


1.    Paint the bottoms of two paper plates using black paint. Let the paint dry completely.

2.    Glue two Googly Eyes to the bottom of one of the plates. Let the glue dry completely.

3.    Cut the black construction paper into eight strips 1" wide by 12" long.

4.    Fold each strip back and forth accordion style. These will be the spider's legs.

5.    Glue the legs to the top of the paper plate that does not have eyes. Let the glue dry completely.

6.    Staple the two paper plates together around the rims. Leave an opening on one side to insert the newspaper.

7.    Stuff the body of the spider with crumpled newspaper. Then, staple the hole closed. Staple a string to the top of the spider and hang!

(Craft and photo courtesy of Elmer's)