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Easy Father's Day gift ideas dads will love

Unique gift ideas to make with the kids

fathers day gift ideas

Father’s Day always brings about some amount of gift anxiety. Do you buy a gift for your husband, or just have the kids shop for one? Then there’s the question of do you have the kids make something, or buy something? Over time dad gifts have become more whimsical and fun than practical. Ties and tools are great if they are items a dad needs, but what about unique gifts that come from the heart? How do you know just the right gift to get?

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In my house I help the kids make or select a gift just from them. After all, they are the reason dad gets to celebrate being a dad. I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t broken from the rules and purchased a gift that I knew he wanted for himself. For example, the kids are clearly not going in on a gift pack of personally selected craft beers I know my husband will like. But most often my kids pick out their own gifts for Father’s Day. I have helped them craft their gifts and I've taken them to shop. I gauge the gift giving on their inspiration each year.

Here are some fun ideas for the dad (step-dad, grandad, uncle, father figure) in your life:

Handmade cards

Store bought cards are pricey and there are millions of copies of the same card purchased to celebrate this holiday, but there is only one unique card made by your kid. Let kids go to town drawing and coloring from their imaginations, or scan Pinterest for a fun crafty idea and help your child make one. Either way dads are going to love it.

Preserve Their Memories

Interview your kids with questions about their dad. Ask them what their favorite activities are with their dad, or the funniest things their dad says. It will be fun to read aloud on Father’s Day and to look back on when your child is older.

Photo Gifts

Create a photo book of fun pictures of your child and their dad together. My husband enjoyed reliving his first year as a dad. The years fly by so quickly and taking the time to look back can be a truly special gift itself.

Have a favorite photo printed on a T-shirt for dad to wear year to year. It’s practical and it’s a fun way to look back on previous Father’s Days.

Help the kids create a personalized photo frame and place their favorite picture with dad inside. It is always a great way for dads to bring a special piece of home into the office.

A surprise photo shoot with a fun theme could create some wonderful memories. There are so many talented local photographers that will go on location with you and capture magical moments. Pick a special theme that captures something dad and the kids all love like sports teams, tea parties, car shows and make them the focus of your photo session. Parents are always wishing they can freeze time and photos will do just that- it will freeze a moment in time with dad.

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Offer to Help

Create chore coupons or I.O.U.'s promising to take care of the chores dad typically takes care of. We give coupons for FREE car washes and a FREE night off from taking the garbage out. My kids have even included FREE yard clean up coupons for their dad to cash in. Whatever it is you think the kids can handle, make a coupon for it. Make sure to include some easy stuff like FREE hugs and kisses.

Here are some unique ideas I found on Pinterest and can’t wait to try:

Build a Memory Jar

Get creative with a building memories jar. Use an empty jar to collect individual Lego pieces. As your child makes a special memory with dad, write it on the Lego and add to the jar. By the next Father’s Day the jar will be full and they can build a tower and relive all the memories they made through out the year.

Something for the Baseball Fans

Tiny hand prints are a sure fire way to melt any parent’s heart. Using an ink pad dab your child’s hand with ink then wrap their hand around a baseball. Not only does it capture their tiny hand print, but they can use it with their dad out in the yard.  Once they outgrow the game of catch, the ball will make for a wonderful memento on a shelf.

For the Dad Who Has Everything

If you have a dad that’s into unique and creative gifts, grab GPS latitude and longitude coordinates from Google marking the place your child was born. Have it made into a map and frame the exact location he first became a dad. It is truly a unique and special keepsake to hang up in your home.

Any gift that is given from the heart is the most precious gift of all. I can’t tell you how many pieces of kid made jewelry I’ve worn to the store or the number of stuffed animals my husband displays proudly in his “man cave.” It’s the thought that counts and it is always interesting to see what our kids think we will enjoy.

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