The Dutchess Rail Trail Great Destination for two & four legged creatures

The Dutchess Rail Trail

standing on side of dutchess rail trail

The Dutchess Rail Trail is a great option anytime of the year.  It is friendly for everyone to use including the handicapped and there are multiple locations to park at and just pick a direction and go. Some spots, you have an incline to get to Rail Trail. However, the spot we did last is level and very easy to access. It's also paved which is great for many people as well. You don't have to worry about mud-just puddles. If it ever snows this winter, I have even seen people out there cross country skiing.

My daughter and I are recovering from that thing that is going around. The no-named virus that leaves you with a cough that sounds like you have contracted a 16th century plague. We needed to get out of of the house and get some exercise and fresh air. I parked my car at Over Rocker Rd Trail Head. I like to go left at this particular spot usually. There is a place to sit and a big trail map. 

 This spot, we have also brought my daughter's bike and walk the dog from here often. On this particular day, we really didn't go too far. We basically stayed in eyes distance of the car. But, Abby Girl was able to just run in circles in her monster feet and toss her ball. She would go off into the grass and loop around back to trail. You just have to watch for dog poop as not everyone has grasped the concept of curbing your dog. So, Abby just ran and ran and ran until we both started coughing again. That was it to that short thirty minute adventure. But, it got us out of the house and into some fresher air. 
walking on rail trail

Some other locations we like to start from are the location off of 55 by the propane place. The spot behind Gold's Gym in Lagrange. The trailhead off 376 by the plaza with the awesome Chinese food (get the crab ragoons), deli and Mc Ds. We have also tried up going toward Hyde Park. You can walk a mile and be at the Walkway Over the Hudson. My daughter got almost midway and decided it was too cold and windy. I have provided a link to map as I'm better with description verses actually trailhead and street names. For example, there is a tunnel you walk through at the one spot that reminds me of a Michael Jackson video. Honestly, you will not know what in the world I'm talking about if I tell you to go to the Michael Jackson Trailhead. But, pretty much anywhere you start from is good. I have found trail garbage such as ghetto tumble weeds and broken glass going to the right on Over Rocker Rd. I'm not sure if it is still there, but there was a homeless settlement on the right hand side as well. 

Some key points. I like to be aware of my surroundings anywhere I go. Sometimes, I feel like the Rail Trail is full of smiling faces and other times, you can go for a long stretch without even seeing a Chipmunk. Also be aware of cyclist. Most of them are really good. Sometimes, they wait to ring their bell until it feels like they are right behind you and I get easily startled. Bring a bag for your puppies business because there maybe none available. There is nothing worse than dog poo to a shoe. Have your own TP too. You never know with Porta Potties and remember that not every location may even have one so go before you get there. You can also bring snacks too. Again, just remember to take your trash with you when you leave(Side note from the former Recycle Ranger circa 1989).

 I love to just sit and relax on the Rail Trail too. Sometimes, we even just find a bench or spot to sit and just take in the scenery like this past fall when my child pretended to take a nap on a little off shoot spot.

So this is a great location even if you are going to just go run around in a short area of the trail. It has many uses and is friendly for all. 

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