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DuBois Farms

Discover, enjoy, spend the day!

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Rolling hills, lush green fields filled with wild flowers, gnarled apple trees as far as the eye can see; welcome to DuBois Farms in Highland. This is one of my most favorite farms in the Hudson Valley for so many reasons, the biggest being that it's completely free to enter the farm! That's right, you just pay for what you pick and almost everything else on the farm is free to enjoy! Hayrides, animals and "Tiny Town" play area are all free of charge! The only thing on the farm that requires a fee to enter is the corn maze, which is 2$ a person, but it's well worth the nominal price!

Our family loves to start our day at DuBois by taking the hayride up to the map and bag kiosk where they will tell you what's available for picking and you can purchase your bags. My daughter's first stop is always "Tiny Town," a large play village and playground/picnic area. Parents I urge you to purchase a hard cider from The Tavern (located right next to the maps) and park yourselves at a picnic table to relax and imbibe while your kiddies have the time of their lives!
After a few delicious ciders, some donuts and a romp in the village we love to check out the farm's furry inhabitants. The farm is home to horses, goats, llamas, pigs and ducks. A quick walk past the village and your family can greet all the friendly creatures.
After all the fun and playing it's time to do what we came for, apple picking! The farm has no shortage of varieties to pick! They also have u-pick vegetables and grapes! You can take the hayride around to your favorite variety or feel free to walk and explore more of the farm. They keep all orchards well marked and there are attendants everywhere to help. The staff is probably one of the most friendly of any farm I have visited.
Your family can absolutely spend a whole day at DuBois Farms taking in the sweet smells of grape vines ripening, frolicking in the pumpkin patch picking just the right one or playing cops and robbers in the "Tiny Town!" It is the perfect summer or fall destination!

Tips for visiting the farm:
  • Open 7 days a week starting in July and ending in early November, 10am-5pm.
  • Free admission
  • Food cafe onsite and weekend barbecues.
  • Bakery and farm market that sells lots of local goodies.
  • They accept both cash and credit cards. (corn maze and wagon rental are cash only).
  • Porta potties are located all throughout the farm with hand washing stations.
  • No outside food is allowed.
  • The farm is very stroller friendly.

For more information visit DuBois Farms on their website.

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