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How To Do It All Well Enough

Letting Go of Perfectionism

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Have you noticed that in your attempt to make everything “perfect” that nothing gets even close to being done?


Certainly, that was the case for me.


Before I became my own boss, I would procrastinate until I had no choice but to get my work done and send it off with a “good enough” label in my mind, because I didn’t have enough time to make it better.


But I didn’t give myself time to make it good.


Can anyone else relate?


Or better, don’t start any of the dishes because I can’t get it all done so why bother?!… Yep, that thought still comes up time and time again.


But here is the thing — it’s just a thought. I can choose to ignore that “suggestion” and move the needle as much or as little as I possibly can. And here is the beauty, it is still moving the needle!


As a brand new stay at home mom of two, I had to let go of a lot of suggestions my brain made. Like, I am not doing this well enough and I am going to screw up my kids. Or I can’t make sense of this playroom if I don’t take out every single toy so I can re-organize.


This was just not serving me at all.


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By embracing "B-" work, I am able to have all things be good enough. The laundry never makes it into the drawers but everyone has clean clothes. The dishes are never completely done but there is always clean glasses and cutlery available.


In terms of my business, I am able to hit publish on blog posts without tearing them apart until they make zero sense.


In terms of my own personal health, I am able to take the few minutes that appear here and there to check in with myself and see what I need. Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with cookies or Netflix. I usually need to be by myself for a minute, to go for a walk, or to have a glass of water.

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Again, B-. If you can accept that it is never going to be perfect, but that it will be good enough, then you can keep it moving for everyone. And as long as it is moving, you are golden.


Next week I’ll talk about how to do this without judging yourself.

Ilana Charette is in her early 30s and a wife and mother of 2 littles. She is a stay at home mom and simultaneously building a business from home. She is a life and weight loss coach. She is passionate about teaching women how to trust themselves and their bodies again. Find out more about her and follow along as she loses her weight for the final time here: and on her Instagram.