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Make your own volcano!

The kids are sure to have ... a blast!

Kathy Conners, the owner of ABC Preschool in Gardiner, recently made volcanos with the children as an art project at her school.

She shares her recipe here so parents can create their own home version. According to Kathy, the volcanos were a trial and error project, but the kids LOVED it and had lots of fun getting dirty.

Interested in contacting Kathy? Call 845- 883-0737845- 883-0737.

Materials used
1 plastic coated plate 
1 thick cardboard "toilet paper" tube 
Plaster of Paris and water (mix as directed) 
A mix of 2 sheets of white or scrap paper (a little piece of tape) and gauze bandages to make the shape of the volcanos.  
Baking soda 
White Vinegar 
Food Coloring

First place a cardboard tube in the center of the plate. Crumple up sheets of paper and wrap it around the cardboard roll. You can use a little piece of tape to hold it in place. 

Mix Plaster of Paris in two separate containers, one thin and one thick (consistency of wet clay). Dip gauze bandages in the thin plaster mix and wrap it around the paper to make the shape of the volcanos. 

Now it's time to get those little hands dirty by using the thicker plaster to the top of the cardboard tube to fill out any area's that needed it. Have to work VERY quickly, as the plaster dries very fast.

Once the whole volcano was dry (15-30mins),  the kids can paint their volcanos green and brownish/red .

When you are ready to erupt them, use baking soda and vinegar mixed with food coloring. 

Have fun and send photos of your kid's project to our editor at editor@excitingread.com. Or post them on HVParent's Facebook page