Dining Out: Sushi Makio in Kingston

Love at first bite — every dish a work of art

Tucked away in a run-of-the-mill business plaza in Kingston hides my new favorite sushi restaurant. Since first opening its doors in December, Sushi Makio has been getting some pretty rave reviews. Having been disappointed in the past by sushi restaurants in the Hudson Valley, I was eager to try this place for a special date night with my husband.

We arrived as the restaurant was opening at 4 p.m. and we were the only patrons there. We felt like VIPs! Our server, Randy, was the best. He carefully went over the menu, telling me his favorites and answering all my questions.

We started with a spicy tuna tower and wasabi shumai. My husband adores wasabi, so it was love at first bite. His eyes rolled back in delight as he bit into one of the four bite-sized pork dumplings. The wasabi wrap gave it an extra kick to your senses. The spicy tuna tower was beautifully crafted with avocado, mango chutney and a tempura crunch. The flavors were perfectly fused.

Then it was time to make compromises and pick out which rolls to share. First up in our parade of sushi was the spider roll. I loved the soft shell crab, as I favor crunchy rolls. We chose two more off the “Makio Must Haves” section (when a master sushi chef says it’s a “must have,” you listen!). The Deadliest Catch roll (snow crab, avocado, cucumber, toasted almond flake, wasabi mayo) had such a depth of flavor, and the Graffiti roll (shrimp, tuna, yellow tail, salmon, fluke, crab, avocado, cucumber, tobiko) was equally as satisfying. Every piece of sushi was perfectly balanced.

My husband asked if they could bring out a sashimi sampler and they were eager to accommodate. He was presented with torri (fatty tuna), saba (Atlantic mackerel) and unayau (freshwater eel). I typically turn my head at sashimi but after seeing yet another exaggerated eye roll of how delicious it was, I tried it. The quality was extremely high and taught me what “real” sashimi should taste like. It melted in my mouth.

For dessert, we shared a plate of mocha, a Japanese confection in which a ball of ice cream is wrapped in pounded sticky rice. The plate consisted of three flavors — mango, red bean and green tea. At first bite, it’s strange with its doughy texture, but once you taste the cold sweetness, you’ll be hooked.

Every dish we ordered was a piece of art. This place is the real deal. We bowed to Chef Makio as we left and thanked him for the most perfect meal.

Gloria Darmanin is a social media coordinator for Hudson Valley Parent.


Sushi Makio

1088 Morton Blvd., Kingston



Perfect for date night: YES

Perfect for the kids: NO

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