Dining Out: Cancun's

Relax and enjoy at this family-friendly atmosphere in Red Hook

Ever since I became a mom, dining out has become some of my riskiest behavior. Will the baby eat peacefully in her high chair, or will my husband and I spend our meal pacifying our daughter’s demands while the food gets cold

Luckily, Cancun’s Family Mexican Restaurant in the heart of Red Hook Village creates an atmosphere where moms and dads can relax. Children enjoy crayons and kid-centered placemats alongside an authentic kid’s menu with options such as beef tacos, cheese quesadillas, and bean burritos.

There are two large rooms and my family was seated in the more intimate setting alongside other families with small children. 

If you aren’t dining with kids, the main space, which touts a large bar and a television, is a lively option. Not in the mood for Mexican? 

Items like buffalo wings and Caesar salad grace the menu and can give this restaurant a sports bar vibe if you’re just looking for a good cocktail (they have an extensive margarita menu) but don’t want to commit to a full meal.

To my delight, we were given free chips and salsa — and better yet, the tortilla chips were warm and the salsa was fresh with a spicy bite. 

My husband and I ordered two of the specials, both recommended by our waitress as signature dishes. He enjoyed the “Three Amigos,” a chicken, shrimp, and steak combination platter served with tortillas, rice, beans, guacamole and a medley of mushrooms, peppers and onions. The chicken was spiced nicely and the steak, sliced thin, delivered a savory satisfaction.

I ordered the fish special, which consisted of tilapia, shrimp, and octopus in a garlic sauce, also served with rice and avocado. 

The tilapia was light and flaky and the calamari was grilled with attention to creating those savory charred edges that pack a lot of flavor. 

The dish felt healthy and light, even though the portion is gigantic. In fact, it’s too much to eat in one sitting — but at $19.95, I was happy to be able to stretch this meal into tomorrow’s lunch.

We were simply too stuffed for dessert, but we will be coming back for the churros, and of course, too see our favorite waitress smile at all the babies, pinching cheeks and shouting, “Que linda!”

Rachel Ephraim lives with her family in Germantown.



Cancun’s Family Mexican Restaurant

7483 S. Broadway, Red Hook


Family friendly? Yes

Date night? Yes

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