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Lift, a Digital Mental Health App

Impact Suite™ Reveals New Updates

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Award-winning mental health and wellness app provider Impact Suite™ has released a new version of Lift—an on-demand, self-care app that provides science-based support for lasting emotional healing from depression and anxiety. 

The latest version of Lift gives a more personalized experience for users, offering mindfulness meditation, unlimited goal tracking, and an "SOS" button that connects users with crisis hotlines and resources. Individuals can download the Lift app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

The creation of Lift was shaped and inspired by seven converging areas of scientific discovery. These areas include brain changeability, risk factors, lifestyle interventions, mindfulness, behavior change, gamification, and digital health and education. The goal is to create sustainable change for individuals seeking relief from mental health issues, specifically depression and anxiety.

“Mental health issues are at an all-time high, impacting 1 in 3 Americans,” shared Impact Suite™ CEO Clay Olsen. “The research is clear that there are small, simple adjustments in life that can have measurable impact on overall mental health. Our approach at Impact Suite™ brings a holistic, scalable solution to an individual’s wellbeing—and that’s exactly what Lift has proven to do over and over again.”

When a user signs up for Lift via the App Store or Google Play, they take a risk assessment that evaluates areas of strength, as well as areas for improvement. Based on the results, Lift recommends certain journeys, or trainings, for users to complete, such as strengthening relationships and reducing stress. Lift has 14 different journeys users can work through, depending on if they sign up for the basic or premium package.

Through the Lift app, users can gain insights and practical tips through Lift’s comprehensive training and expert Q&A sessions; find support and encouragement by asking questions and brainstorming challenges with others seeking deeper healing; and visualize improvement with daily tracking data, weekly lifestyle inventories, and growth-oriented outcome measurements.

Newly added features via the Lift app include mindfulness meditations, unlimited goal tracking, and an "SOS" button for individuals who may be in crisis. The "SOS" button connects users with external resources, such as the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (800-273-8255) and The Trevor Project (866-488-7386). Lift will be offering broader crisis support later this year.

Jason Caroll, award-winning researcher and associate director of the Wheatley Institution at Brigham Young University, shared, “There is truth to the idea that we need to learn to recognize what we can control and the things we can’t control. It is helpful for us to be able to recognize things where we could make different choices, or where we could engage in different patterns." Carroll continued, “When we work to improve areas of our lives, even when they’re small and incremental, we can feel like we’re shifting, growing, and changing—and we can have a better sense of control.”

Highly engaged Lift users report an overall 85 percent decrease in depression and anxiety levels as reported on their daily and weekly check-ins via the app. The average Lift user reported a 25 percent decrease in symptoms. One anonymous Lift user shared, “Anxiety and depression are so isolating!! The Lift training is very validating to me—describing what I have felt facing this. I kept thinking, ‘This is my experience! This is what I felt and still feel at times. Someone understands.'”

Users can sign up for the free version of Lift which includes daily tracking and discussions, gamifications and awards, a weekly check-in, one-training journey, personal journal, "SOS" button, and accountability partner. The premium version starts at $9.99 a month and includes everything in the basic package, plus access to the full journey and meditation library, advanced tracking analytics, advanced wellbeing and lifestyle analytics, full access to community forums, and unlimited allies and messaging. Specialized pricing is available for students.

For an additional fee of $14.99 a month, users can also access specialized one-on-one lifestyle coaching with recovery experts experienced in a variety of wellness strategies, including relationships and financial management. Users can also receive teletherapy from a licensed therapist for $99 per session. The average wait time to connect with a therapist via Lift is 24 to 48 hours opposed to the industry average of six to eight weeks.

Lift is one of four digital self-care apps offered by Impact Suite™ (Climb for personal growth, Turn for substance abuse, and Fortify for sexual compulsivity) meant to help individuals find deeper healing and recovery from addiction and mental health challenges. Visit or to learn more.

Thousands of studies show that key risk factors known as social determinants of health matter when it comes to both physical and emotional wellness. However, these findings have not yet translated into most mental health interventions. Impact Suite™ provides science-based virtual treatment solutions for people facing mental health and addiction issues, focusing on key improvements that have been proven to influence wellbeing. A Certified B Corporation®, Impact Suite™ has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals find deeper healing and recovery in over 150 countries.

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