Turn to your local pharmacy for good health, year round

Follow these tips for your family's wellness

Jared Nekos, pharmacist and owner of Dedrick’s Pharmacy & Gift Shop in New Paltz, and the shop’s other pharmacists help customers stay healthy with wellness plans created for them. 

From over the counter to prescription remedies and more, Dedrick's Pharmacy & Gift Shop in New Paltz has what your family needs for health and wellness. Jared Nekos, pharmacist and owner, has shared his insights with us on staying healthy, year-round.

HVP:  What's the best way to avoid winter colds?

Jared: Prevention can go a long way in deterring the onset of a cold. One of the best ways to deter spreading and contracting germs is through good hygiene. Kids and their parents should wash their hands often and cough and sneeze into their sleeve. Also, don't share drinks or utensils with other people.

HVP: There are so many over the counter options, available to treat a cold. How do I know which one is best for me and my kids?

Jared: All those choices can make it difficult to know which ones are right for your situation. To be sure you're getting the right products, whether they're medicinal or not, talk with your pharmacist about the type of symptom-relief that's needed, proper dosage amounts of the medication, potential side-effects and possible drug interactions.

HVP: What about natural products? Should I be aware of safety concerns with them?

Jared: Even natural products can have potential interactions. If you have questions about how they might affect you or your child, talk with your pharmacist.

HVP: How do pharmacists work with doctors?

Jared: Pharmacists work hand-in-hand with medical professionals. Be sure to look for pharmacies where the pharmacist is accessible and knowledgeable. At Dedrick's, all prescriptions are checked for dosages and possible interactions with other medications being taken. We're happy to answer any questions you might have about your wellness and medical care, prescription and otherwise.

HVP: In addition to the pharmacy's services, what other offerings does Dedrick's have?

Jared: Our full-service pharmacy is a great place for health products and advice, but the store's gift shop also contributes to people's quality of life. From toys and apparel for adults, kids and babies, to greeting cards, candles and more, we're here to provide for your health and wellness needs.    


Jared Nekos is a trained pharmacist and the owner of Dedrick’s Pharmacy & Gift Shop, 190 Main St., New Paltz, 845-255-0310, dedrickspharmacy.com.

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