7 ways to show you care on International Day of Friendship

Celebrate friendship with these fun ideas

Show your friends you care everyday, but especially on International Day of Friendship. Try these ideas to make the special people in your life know how much they are loved!

1. Express yourself.
Take the time to tell your friends just how much they mean to you. Write a letter, post something silly on their Facebook wall or even send a nice text message. Make sure the people you care about know today.

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2. Make a scrapbook.
Get photos printed instead of just posting them online! Choose your favorite shots of you and your besties and make an album. Make this an activity you can do together and reminisce on all of the fun times you have shared.

3. Share.
Sharing really is caring, especially on International Day of Friendship. Get a pizza or make some brownies for your office pals to share. Sit around together and split something delicious and talk about anything but work!

4. Make a best friends bucket list.
Write down all of the things that you just have to do with your best friend before the end of the year. Cross off the first thing on your list, today! Do something super fun together that you have always wanted to do, even if it is simple.

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5. Reconnect with someone you have lost touch with.
Have someone you have been meaning to call, but just can't find the time? Today is the perfect day to reach out. Catch up with an old friend and make both of your days brighter.

6. Bring everyone together.
With everyone so busy, International Day of Friendship could be just the excuse you need to get everyone together. Throw a simple backyard barbeque with all of your favorite people. Spread the love around by making it a potluck. Have everyone bring their favorite side dish and share.

7. Make a new friend.
The friends you have are great, but making a new friend is even better. Smile at someone new on your way to work, stop to compliment someone in the grocery store or sit with somebody new during your lunch break. The best way to celebrate International Day of Friendship is by spreading the love as far as you can.

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