A Print-Able Parent/Teen Agreement for Cyber Safety

Hudson Valley parents need to stay involved in their kids' online activity

Hudson Valley Parents need to be aware about what their children are doing online.  TrueCare LLC, a provider of Internet monitoring services that automatically track a child’s use of today’s most popular social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter for inappropriate content, has announced that it is offering the Family Social Media Agreement, a free tool to help facilitate conversation between parents and kids about the rules and expectations for using social media sites.

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About TrueCare
TrueCare developed this best-of-breed service, in conjunction with parents as a way to effectively monitor their child’s online social networking activity without invading their child’s privacy. TrueCare helps parents identify potential online dangers and keep an open dialog with their children about their online safety. For more information please contact TrueCare at 1-877-368-6390 or visit them online at www.truecare.com.