Aww how cute!

Check out these cute kids from all over the Hudson Valley

cutest kids photo contest

Whether they’re smiling for the camera, making a mess at the dinner table or just being their innocent selves, cute kids come in all shapes and sizes.

But have you ever wondered if it’s just the shape of the eyes, deep-set dimples or curly hair that makes a child cute?

When a Japanese team of researchers asked volunteers in a study what made a child cute, many said the child’s actions were key, indicating that things like sharing with friends, being considerate of others and imitating behavior seen in adults made them Ooooo! and Ahhhh! How cute is that?

Lots of parents entered photos of their cuties for our Cutest Kid contest, which were then voted on by our web readers. Congratulations to biggest vote-getter – 4-month-old Cameron from Wappingers Falls – and to all the adorable kids who entered.